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California Historic Resource

The Lorenzo was designated a California Historic Resource early in 2001. While that State Designation does not guarantee that a building placed in the California register will be protected from being destroyed, it does prohibit the current owner or potential tenants from damaging the theatre's unique and historic qualities. In addition, the designation allows the building to fall under the California Historic Building Code, one of California's most valuable tools for the preservation of historic resources.

Alameda County Planning Commission

In July, 2002, the Alameda County Planning Commission approved the designation of the Lorenzo Theatre as an Historic Preservation (HP) District and passed it's decision along to the County Board of Supervisors for its consideration.

Board of Supervisors Approved HP District

On September 12, 2002, the Lorenzo Theatre was named an Historic Preservation (HP) District by the Alameda County Board of Supervisors. The Board reclassified the Theatre from a C-1 Retail to an HP District, making the Lorenzo Theatre the first Historic Preservation District in Alameda County. Although an HP District ordinance has been on the County's books since 1978, it took two years of Lorenzo Theater Foundation efforts to convince the County Planning Commission to approve the designation and pass in along to the Board of Supervisors for its approval.

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