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The Lorenzo Theater structural damage endangers passersby

Sunday, December 2, 2001
Contact: Nancy Shelvy - (510)317-6640

SAN LORENZO -- A heavy shard of concrete fell from the soffit under the marquee of the Lorenzo Theatre Sunday, causing the San Lorenzo Fire Department to order the entire front of the theatre to be fenced off to protect pedestrians.

Dr. Dharam Salwan, owner of the Lorenzo Theater, who was called to the scene by Larry Leal, founder of the Lorenzo Theater Foundation, was ordered to fence the property immediately.

Salwan's property management people later removed a 15 by 18 foot piece of concrete plaster from the soffit in an effort to prevent any further falling debris, according to Leal.

Leal noted that in June of this year, when the Foundation leased the theatre and held public tours, the Foundation fenced off the weak soffit area under the recommendation of the Alameda County Planning Department.

Further, in a letter to Dr. Salwan dated October 15, 2001, the Foundation warned Dr. Salwan of the damaged soffit, advising him to have it repaired immediately before someone was injured.

In September of this year the Lorenzo Theater Foundation signed a letter of agreement for the purchase of the Theater, along with a donation agreement. Dr. Salwan cancelled the donation agreement stipulated in the purchase agreement, and the entire transaction was voided.

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